Always on the cutting edge

Taking care of our clients and their photovoltaic installations is a duty for Prosolia Energy rather than an obligation.

To ensure that everything works perfectly in all the PV installations, our O&M team is constantly monitoring through specifics equipment but also they undertake inspection visits. Well, this is what our colleagues have done over the past week in Aiscan.

In the image of this post, you can see how our colleagues are checking the inverters, a key piece in the PV installation operating since they are responsible for converting the energy and in some cases, also to the injection to the grid.

In addition to monitoring through specific computers and following our goal of controlling that the technical performance levels of the PV installation are high and that the impact on the return on investment is positive, we decided to bet on the latest technology.

Through a mobile application provided by Huawei, sun2000, and with a USB connected to the inverter, we are able to check the status of these devices on-site, allowing us to work more efficiently and act faster in case of breakdown.