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Prosolia offers more results with less use of energy.


Prosolia is a guarantee
of clean and efficient energy solutions.

Prosolia’s organization

The organizational structure of PROSOLIA is based on the necessity for offering the best energy solution to the customer’s demands; for this reason the company is focused on two lines of operation: innovation and service..

These areas involve the research and development works for the use of technological improvements directed to the efficiency and sustainability in terms of energy matters. At the same time, the service is directed to offer a specific solution to the circumstances and requirements.

The management area, which is specially dedicated to the research of financial solutions for each customer’s new installation system, allows for adapted marketing to the specific needs of each company’s finances, considering the special circumstances of each country where Prosolia is.

The functional areas of the company are:

- Management: manager + financier + controllers.
- Innovation: Development of the business + energy services + engineering.
- Service: Distribution + Products + After-sales
- Marketing: Marketing department+ branch offices.

The quality of its staff confirms the aim of the management in innovation and service, in view of the fact that its employees’ training and experience are summarized into:

- Executives qualified in engineering with MBA.
- Managers with degrees and qualifications.
- Employees (in the installations sector) with professional training.

Organigrama Prosolia
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