Why have an operation and maintenance (O & M) service it is necessary?

With the O & M service you will be assured that your photovoltaic installation will maintain high levels of technical performance and economic awareness throughout its useful life.

What do we offer you?


Supervision of the plant

  • Performance monitoring
  • Analysis and improvement of performance
  • Problem detection

Operation of the plant

  • Plan controls
  • Forecast of energy generation
  • Maintenance scheduling

Energy management plants

Maintenance of the photovoltaic plant

  • Preventive maintenance
    • Pest control
    • Cleaning services
    • Thermography
    • Voltage measurament curve
  • Corrective maintenance
    • Repair services
    • Equipment maintenance

PV Site Maintenance

  • Cleaning of modules
  • Vegetation management
BenefitsImprovement the level cost of electricity
Improvement in the prices of the power purchase agreement (PPA)
Positive impact on the return on investment
Increase energy production
Optimization of plant management

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