Prosolia and Gran Vía High School (I.E.S. Gran Vía) sign a collaboration agreement that will promote a new labor route in the field of Photovoltaic Energy

In the era of decentralization and energy saving, the generation of clean and renewable energy and the orientation to a more rational way of consumption are the key.

In Prosolia, our commitment is to reduce the energy impact on the environment and on the economies of households and businesses; improve the quality of people’s lives and contribute to promoting a more desirable future for all.

With this firm purpose, contribute to a better future, both institutions Prosolia Energy and I.E.S Gran Via have signed a collaboration agreement in which students of the first and second year of the Renewable Energy education cycle can do a Dual Internships. Through this type of training, students will combine the theoretical part in the educational center, with the practical part in Prosolia Energy.

Also, with the clear objective of developing and implementing innovative, efficient, safe and sustainable electricity generation systems, students who make their internship in Prosolia Energy will see the practical application of many concepts, as well as the operation of equipment, management of photovoltaic installations and its subsequent maintenance.

With this collaboration agreement, both institutions intend to train experts in the field of renewable energy, with a great projection of work.