Prosolia Energy always looking for the best technology to carry out its services.

At Prosolia Energy we intend to offer value to each of our services, trying to provide our clients with the best experience, product, and results. That is why we always look for cutting-edge solutions such as SolarCleano to increase the performance of photovoltaic installations.

A few days ago, the Prosolia Energy team had the pleasure of checking the efficiency of this cleaning robot in one of its facilities which, thanks to its versatility, allows deep cleaning of all types of modules.

This highly effective cleaning thanks to the numerous fibers and brushes that SolarCleano presents to make the Prosolia Energy O&M team ensure the correct operation of the photovoltaic installation, ensuring that not a single panel remains with traces of dirt or marks, which can be confirmed by our technicians thanks to the camera that the robot has incorporated, which will allow the Prosolia Energy team to make sure that even the edges of the photovoltaic panels are clean.

In addition, to assist in the cleaning of the modules, Solarcleano offers security plus for both our technicians and the panels, since it is a system prepared to avoid any type of damage to the module when passing over it.

But, why is it necessary to hire an Operation and Maintenance service for your photovoltaic installation?

The dirt accumulated on the photovoltaic modules, sometimes almost imperceptible, or the growth of lichens around the panels, significantly reduces the efficiency of your renewable solution, so preventive maintenance will ensure the correct performance of your renewable solution, also it will lengthen the useful life of the installation, and ensures your investment.