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Using photovoltaic solar panels it is possible to generate electric energy. Moreover, it is possible to generate it in moments of peak demand allowing the total or partial provision of the energy needs of any consumer.

The beginning of the photovoltaic system in self-consumption is the total or partial generation of the energy that is being consumed at that very moment at the point of use. In this way, we avoid consuming energy from the electricity supply. For this reason, a study must be done before the installation of a photovoltaic system detailing the customer’s consumption to measure it properly.

Making a personalized analysis, the power installed is determined in a way that ensures surpluses aren’t generated and that the customer obtains the maximum savings with the invested money. With this kind of system everyone can generate their own power in a clean way, stabilizing their energy costs.

In this way it allows the generation of power in place of consumption so there aren’t any losses made by transport or distribution in the supply and it is generated at peak moments of demand in sectors like industry or services.


The usage of generation systems for the electric energy self-consumption based on the photovoltaic solar energy presents the following advantages:

- It is a clean energy that doesn’t require combustion and it doesn’t produce atmospheric emissions or pollutant waste.

- It is a sustainable energy because it will exist as long as our world, dependent on the sun, exists.

- It reduces the loss in power supply (distributed generation) because of the production at the place of consumption.

- It offers a great energy independence in petroleum non-producing countries and its derivatives.

- It establishes a great commitment from society for sustainable development.

- It adds an important saving in the user’s electricity bill.

- It gives an important degree of autonomy to the user in the generation of energy.

- The installation of a photovoltaic system in auto-consumption is fast, in less than a week you can have your system installed.

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