Prosolia Energy has completed a new 117.80 kWp rooftop self-consumption installation for Lupa Supermercados.20220627144916
“Prosolia’s future lies in Spain, where we will continue to position ourselves. Also outside the country. In Portugal we are already well established and, therefore, the focus is on France and Italy” says Javier Martinez Sanz, CEO of the Prosolia group.20220606144139
Prosolia Energy has completed a 432.44kWp photovoltaic installation on the roof of MAFRISA SL.20220525142049
Prosolia Energy recently has finalized a 100 kWp photovoltaic solar hangar20220511141046
Prosolia Energy completes a 1.1MW renewable solution in Spain20220503140210
Prosolia Energy has completed a 973kWp renewable project at Tupperware Brands, Portugal20220420135244
Prosolia Energy signs a financing agreement that will allow it to build 65MW of self-consumption projects in Spain and Portugal20220118120640
Prosolia Energy has completed a new 222.2 kWp photovoltaic project at the Mistolin Company facilities in Portugal.20220113115721
Prosolia Energy team starts a new photovoltaic project on the facilities of RIOJA MOTOR SA in La Rioja, Spain.20211215115113
Prosolia Energy has initiated a new photovoltaic project in the facilities of Solera SA in Valencia, Spain.20211209114427