Prosolia Energy has financed and executed an 8.64 MW PV project at Stellantis España facilities (Opel), in Zaragoza, Spain.20210605184749
Prosolia Energy has carried out a new 212 kWp photovoltaic project at the facilities of SPRAL – Sociedade de Pré-esforçados de Aveiro, Lda.20210510114153
Carnes Felix relies on Prosolia Energy to carry out an installation of 191.66 kWp.20210423113206

Carnes Felix relies on Prosolia Energy to carry out an installation of 191.66 kWp.

Carnes Felix, S.A  is a company in the meat sector, whose objective of improving its sustainability parameters has led it to trust Prosolia Energy to ...
99.96 kWp renewable solution at Manuel Obrero’s facilities.20210412121613
ALIMOTOR S.A., a Fiat car dealership in Alicante, already has a 100,6 kWp renewable solution on the roof of its headquarters.20210329122332
Prosolia Energy has completed the construction of a 486.4 kWp ground floor project in Felgueiras, Portugal.20210325115832
Prosolia Energy is carrying out two photovoltaic projects for Alimotor in Alicante.20210218165459
Prosolia Energy has begun works to change the Geotexan’s rooftop and also has started the PV Carport foundation20210208163552
Prosolia Energy has finished the construction of a 1886,08 kWp renewable solution on the rooftop of Gresart Ceramica HQ in Portugal.20210202134420
Operation and Maintenance services20210121132431

Operation and Maintenance services

Our OM team is responsible for guaranteeing that the photovoltaic installations in which we carry out the Operation and Maintenance services operate i...