Prosolia Energy is carrying out two photovoltaic projects for Alimotor in Alicante.20210218165459
Prosolia Energy has begun works to change the Geotexan’s rooftop and also has started the PV Carport foundation20210208163552
Prosolia Energy has finished the construction of a 1886,08 kWp renewable solution on the rooftop of Gresart Ceramica HQ in Portugal.20210202134420
Operation and Maintenance services20210121132431

Operation and Maintenance services

Our OM team is responsible for guaranteeing that the photovoltaic installations in which we carry out the Operation and Maintenance services operate i...
Prosolia Energy carries out a new photovoltaic project that will prevent the emission of 351 Tn of C02 into the atmosphere.20210114131938
Prosolia Energy starts a new photovoltaic project at Geotexan facilities in Huelva (Spain)20201211144522
Prosolia Energy continues with the implementation of efficient energy generation systems offering its clients renewable energy products and services.20201120103511
At Prosolia Energy we are delighted to be able to offer energy-efficient and sustainable solutions that help companies to implement a new energy culture20200925140648
Since 2008, Prosolia Energy has specialized in the construction of complex multi-site portfolios of PV Hangars20200918135905
Prosolia Energy continues to develop and execute renewable solutions.20200917180953

Prosolia Energy continues to develop and execute renewable solutions.

Grupo R Brazales Montesinos, a company dedicated to the wholesale of all kinds of food and drink products based in Linares (Jaén, Spain), already has ...