Prosolia Energy completes a new EPC photovoltaic project that will prevent the emission of 22 tons of C02 into the atmosphere.20210127133335
Prosolia Energy starts a new photovoltaic project at Geotexan facilities in Huelva (Spain)20201211144522
At Prosolia Energy we are delighted to be able to offer energy-efficient and sustainable solutions that help companies to implement a new energy culture20200925140648
Since 2008, Prosolia Energy has specialized in the construction of complex multi-site portfolios of PV Hangars20200918135905
Matadero de Orihuela’s renewable solution is about to be connected to the grid thanks to the crowdfunding of more than 250 people.20200831150433
New photovoltaic installation in Primus Vitória20200408153310

New photovoltaic installation in Primus Vitória

At Prosolia Energywe are delighted with our union with Helexia Portugal and with the fact of carrying out projects such as this one, a 520.8 kW photov...
RISI S.A., the giant of snacks flies its flag in favor of sustainability, trusting in Prosolia Energy for the construction of a 1.145,34 kWp photovoltaic installation on the roof of its HQ.20200224135817
Andrezieux is already underway!20191219100728

Andrezieux is already underway!

France continues to expand photovoltaic solar energy throughout its territory, more and more companies and individuals decide to bet on renewable ener...
The Prosolia Energy O&M team has performing thermography at Costa Verde facility in Portugal20191122101811

The Prosolia Energy O&M team has performing thermography at Costa Verde facility in Portugal

The maintenance of photovoltaic installation is essential to ensure the correct operation and performance of the plant, so as to ensure the profitabil...
Operation & Maintenance services20190911174327

Operation & Maintenance services

It is proven that a good professional operation and maintenance service (O & M) ensures that the photovoltaic installation will maintain high leve...