The photovoltaic self-consumption installation in Aiscan is now finished!

Aiscan, a leading manufacturer of conduction and channeling systems for electric cables, pipes, and cable trays decided to entrust Prosolia Energy to construct and install a photovoltaic project on the roof of its headquarters located in Biar (Alicante).

Today, we can already say that the 1,127 kWp photovoltaic self-consumption installation is already finished! More than 3,500 solar modules that form a coating on the roof of its building, will improve the sustainability parameters of Aiscan’s activity, preventing the emission of 253,935 kg of CO2 per year.

With this PV installation, Aiscan joins the international community by choosing photovoltaic energy as a real alternative to solve the global energy scenario. Here we leave you with an impressive photo of the works done in Aiscan. But, stay tuned because in the next few days we will upload a video so you can see the incredible photovoltaic installation in its entirety.