The Prosolia Energy O&M team has performing thermography at Costa Verde facility in Portugal

The maintenance of photovoltaic installation is essential to ensure the correct operation and performance of the plant, so as to ensure the profitability of the installation during the entire exploitation period. In this sense, thermography is an indispensable tool for the analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of the different elements that are part of the installation, as are the photovoltaic modules.

In this connection, a reduction in the efficiency of the photovoltaic panels can lead to losses in the amortization of the photovoltaic installation, so it is necessary to hire an Operation & Maintenance service that will ensure you a preventive and corrective  maintenance of your photovoltaic installation, such as the case of the Prosolia Energy O&M team.

In the image, you can see how our colleague is doing thermography on the solar panels of the Costa Verde’s roof with a Flir E75 camera. With the use of thermography, it will allow us to identify in a very safe and quick technique the panels that have hot spots, these hot spots will be reflected in the thermal imager with greater intensity.

With the use of this tool, customers who report the maintenance of their photovoltaic installation with Posolia Energy have the guarantee that thanks to this maintenance system, defects will be detected in time, such as increasing the operational safety of the installation, which will prevent the danger of fire.